George Romero's latest zombie flick finally has a title, and a pack of images full of fresh gore and decay. Check out the soldiers and zombies that will hopefully make us forget all about Diary of the Dead.

Up until now, the sequel to Diary has been referred to simply as …Of the Dead, but today Romero announced its official, oxymoronic title: Survival of the Dead. This installment will be blissfully free of the documentary style that Romero used in Diary, focusing instead on a group of soldiers who travel to an island they believe to be the last safe haven from zombies, which will, naturally, prove as unsafe as any corner of Romero's world.


We posted the Survival of the Dead trailer a few months back, but it looks like we'll have to wait until the film's September premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival to see if this will truly be a return to form for the Zombie master. [Bloody Disgusting]