The first on-location video of The Walking Dead set has hit the web, and we're pumped. Pilot director Frank Darabont is pumped too — at one point he opines, "I'd like to do 20 years of zombie TV!"

MTV recently visited the set of AMC's adaptation of Robert Kirkman's comic. What did they see? Throngs of zombies, an abandoned tank, and the fetid streets of Atlanta. Director Frank Darabont was there, and he teased that the show would diverge slightly from Kirkman's original tale:

We're going to follow the Robert Kirkman narrative pretty closely, but we're giving ourselves permission to veer off path and find the interesting detours [...] We've got hundreds of zombies. We've got a downed helicopter; it just goes on and on. It's crazy - all on a TV budget.


Also, here are some set photos of the tank and Rick getting chased by a zombie mob. I doubt he wants to do zombie TV for 20 years.


[MTV and AICN via Comic Book Movie here and here.]

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