It's Xenomorphs Vs. Vampires In The Aliens/Vampirella Crossover Comic

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The aliens of, err, Alien have been a part of many crossovers, especially in the comics realm. Versus Predator, of course. Versus Batman. The list goes on. But their latest comic book crossover will see them go up against horror heroine Vampirella, and presumably, there will be blood.


Announced at C2E2 today, Dynamite Entertainment and Dark Horse will join forces to create a miniseries crossover event as Vampirella does battle with the Alien hordes. Scant details have been revealed about the series, other than the fact it will be penned by Star Wars: Legacy scribe Corrina Bechko. Judging by Bechko’s own statement on the reveal, it looks like Vampirella will take on a bit of a Ripley-esque role:

I’ve loved ‘Alien’ since I first saw it as a kid on a crummy old TV in a well-lit room and got scared half to death anyway. Now that I have the chance to add a little corner to that universe I couldn’t be happier. And pitting such an implacable horror against Vampirella? That’s a meeting that definitely produces very fertile story-telling ground. The ‘Alien’ franchise has always thrived with strong women in the lead. Smart, self-assured Vampirella is a joy to write for, even when she may have met her match.

Vampirella going all Ellen Ripley and tearing the Aliens a new one? I don’t have any complaints about the sound of that. Aliens/Vampirella will debut later this year.

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Can a vampire try and drain a Xenomorph? That would be fun.