It's up to you to keep short fiction righteous on the internet

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Two of the internet's coolest fiction magazines need your support right now. Strange Horizons is having its annual fund drive, with tons of prizes for donors — but the main prize is satisfaction that you're helping to support one of the most important magazines in the field, whose unpaid staff works tirelessly to keep bringing fresh, unusual science fiction and fantasy to readers. Meanwhile, the amazing Apex Magazine is having a subscription drive, with $2 off the annual suscription price — or you can get it delivered to your Kindle for just $2 a month.


Both of these magazines are well worth throwing your dollars behind, especially if you want the next generation of science fiction and fantasy writers to have worthy outlets to display and grow their talents. Image at right by Alastair Reynolds

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While we're at it:

Hey, literary fiction snobs, what happened to your short story culture? ;3