More pics from Star Wars: Episode VII have turned up, but that's not the cool part. The cool part is that Abrams has clearly embraced the "dirty future" of the original trilogy with all sort of practical effects that will set the most skeptical Star Wars fan's heart at ease.

See this thing? There are supposedly five guys inside it, making it move. Although they're called "practical effects," I have to imagine that stuffing five guys in that rubber creature up top and making it move in a way that looks even slightly natural is impractical in the extreme. Given that it would be so easy for Abrams to CG this stuff, I have to genuinely applaud him for going old-school. Whatever people's problems were with the prequels, the most glaring was that the original trilogy looked like the dirty, dingy real world and the prequels... looked like a lot of greenscreen.

And check out these costumes! If this what we can expect, then I'm actually okay with returning to Tatooine for the fourth time. Anyways, these are just three of the set pics; head over to TMZ for a jillion more.