It's Tron On Ice!

We may not see any more new footage from Tron Legacy for weeks or even months, but last night's Olympic opening ceremony featured a Tron-inspired skating show. How long before lightcycle-racing becomes an Olympic event?

Skaters, of course, are people who support the pairing of Sawyer and Kate on Lost, and it's good to see them coming out in force like this. They obviously felt a need to represent, after last Tuesday's episode where Sawyer rebuffed Kate and said he just wanted to be alone. It's looking, more than ever, as though Sawyer and Kate are finished for good - but these people aren't giving up, and they booked time during the Olympic opening ceremony to show just how much they believe in Sawyer and Kate's eternal love. That's true fannish dedication for you.


Photos by CRIS BOURONCLE/AFP/Getty Images. Thanks to Scott Westerfeld for pointing out the Tron resemblance.

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Illustration for article titled Its Tron On Ice!
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Benny Gesserit

OK, I watched the whole thing. As a Canuck, I felt it was my civic duty.

BC has a reputation that's...well... chronic. (Hell, the first thing we thought when they debuted the torch was "It looks like a joint.")

Half-way through the presentation I was thinking - damn the Cheetos budget for this thing must be through the roof!