It's Time To Harvest Me Some Irish Zombie

In the charmingly-titled Irish flick Boy Eats Girl, a whole high school gets infected after a young zombie's dalliance with a girl goes south. Luckily, the girl has a giant harvester and she's not afraid to use it!

Released in 2005, this movie doesn't have much going for it other than spiritedness and gore, both of which are shown off admirably in this scene.


The plot is a by-now routine mishmash of Buffy and fast zombie lore, which one amusing twist. Our protagonist is accidentally killed by his mother in a zany drunken noose chair kerfuffle. Totally unfazed, his mother grabs some books about the undead from her local church basement and raises him from the dead in time for school the next day. Most of the humor comes from our zombie trying to get the girl he likes to go out with him, while struggling with the urge to eat people. I love that the zombie transformation scene happens in about 1 minute, just so we can get to the good stuff: adolescent zombie romance.

Though uneven, the movie is still pretty amusing - especially in the blood-soaked climax.


Boy Eats Girl via IMDB

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You know, if you have a low budget you have to be creative. Death via large agricultural machinery is pretty cool, especially the end when the little bits of zombie are flapping around the blades.