It's Time for a Little Caveman Action

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The future may belong to eco-feminist utopias full of magical fairies, but let's not forget the present is still full of cavemen. Specifically ones who menace hotrodders in the classic Eegah!


Eegah! has been parodied by pretty much everybody in the universe, including Mystery Science Theater 3000. It is also inexplicably beloved by bad boy zinester Jim "Red Neck Manifesto" Goad, who first introduced me to the wonders of blond blockhead star Arch Hall, Jr. The plot is pure silliness, with a caveman showing up in modern times (ie, the 1960s) and preying upon the "girl" of a nice hotrodder played by Hall.


Directed by Hall's dad, Arch Hall Sr., Eegah! is packed with joy from beginning to end - and now you can watch the ENTIRE movie online. Which is another blessing of our age, and further proof that we are heading away from being cavemen to being light-filled Gaia-worshipers who can commune with the true spirits of the Earth and stuff like that.

Seriously, if that sentence just alarmed you greatly, sit down with this video and tuck into a nice fat steak blackened with coal smoke. Fuck the Earth, people. Cavemen forever!!!

Learn more about Eegah! via Eccentric Cinema.

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That's right I used to crush Styrofoam cups in my manly meaty palms while screaming "death to the Ozone!!!"

Later on they properly adjusted my meds and I got over it.