It's the ultimate serial killer showdown as Dexter faces Patrick Bateman

Forget Freddy vs. Jason; the real horror movie battle we want to see is between pop culture's two favorite serial killers, Dexter and American Psycho's Patrick Bateman. Now you can see what this (literal?) face-off might look like, thanks to this awesome mash-up.

Admittedly, we'd need to figure out a way for Dexter to head back to the '80s to pull this off, since that sounds easier than sending Bateman to the future. Maybe Bateman eventually turns out to be another (albeit murder-happy) leader of the human revolution featured in the Terminator movies, so Skynet is forced to send Dexter back to the past, figuring only a serial killer can kill a serial killer— wait. Am I writing fan fiction right now? I think I need to lie down a bit.

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I thought the whole point of American Psycho was that all of Bateman's murders were in his imagination.