It's the UAE's answer to a post-apocalyptic Vin Diesel movie

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Short film "Sons of Two Suns" is being billed as the UAE's first science fiction film. It's about a city that's dying of heat, and you couldn't ask for a better landscape than Dubai to film in.


The movie played at the Middle East Film and Comic Con and will be at other festivals soon. It's the tale of a world with two suns, and the sexy young people who drive around in a breathtakingly weird Dubai waiting to be dehydrated to death or something like that. I love the look of this film, and the fact that the lead looks almost exactly like Vin Diesel doing Riddick.

I vote for more science fiction films set in Dubai, please. It's one of the most science fictional cities on the planet right now. Learn more about "Sons of Two Suns" on the film's official Facebook page.



Maybe it's the desert setting, but I get this weird Six-String Samurai vibe from that trailer.