It's the eye of the tiger in four new clips from Life of Pi (with bonus second tiger eye)

Check out just how beautiful Ang Lee's colorful Life of Pi adaptation truly is in four new clips. Say what you will about the story of a big cat, a boy, and a boat, the sheer beauty of this film will knock you straight on your butt. Based on the novel by Yann Martel, the movie takes place after a terrible storm strands the main character Pi and a Bengal tiger alone on a boat at sea without a single laser pointer to entertain the cat. The horror!


Life Of Pi hits theaters this weekend.

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I think the trailers and advertising are doing this film a disservice. All I've seen is "guy in a boat with a tiger" and while it looked really pretty I also thought it looked dumb like it was some "a boy and his best friend a tiger" kind of movie. However, I just went and spoiled the whole thing for myself by reading the summary of the book on wikipedia and there is more to it than that and now I'm kind of interested in seeing it.