Are these random photos of actress Krysten Ritter or the first pictures of Marvel's newest superhero Jessica Jones, titular star of the upcoming Netflix-exclusive TV series?! Trick question: It's technically both!

Okay, so Jessica Jones is a superhero who doesn't wear a costume. This means that any pics of the character, such as these two photos of Ritter on the show's set, essentially just look like regular, candid photos of Krysten Ritter. But it would be weird not to bring you the first look at a Marvel superhero, right?


So here's the question I have: In the comics, Jessica Jones retires from being a superhero after being mentally controlled and abused by the villain Killgrave (a.k.a. The Purple Man, who'll be played by David Tennant), and then becomes a private detective. It's pretty clear that Jones will begin the show in the same spot ā€” as a detective, post-Purple Man awfulness ā€” but can she really have retired from being a superhero on the show? Wouldn't her superhero career have needed to been established already in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Shouldn't the fact that another superpowered individual was running around have at least been mentioned in one of the other Marvel movies or Agents of SHIELD or something?

I suppose that Jessica's superhero days could have only just begun when she was attacked by the Purple Man ā€” and she quit immediately thereafter, before anyone really knew there was another superhero in New York City, including SHIELD. How long she wore the tights isn't as important as they fact that she wore them and gave them up, right? I hope Marvel came to the same conclusion.

[Via JoBlo]