It's Robo-Batman!

Four different kinds of Batman will appear in the first segment of the animated direct-to-DVDBatman Gotham Knight, including Robo-Bat, Actual Human Bat, WTF-Bat and Bloody-Face-Bat. These many bat-flavors feature in writer Josh Olson's (A History Of Violence) Gotham Knight chapter, "Have I Got A Story To Tell You." In the chapter a group of kids have a run-in with the Batman and they retell their versions of who or what Batman actually was. Olson also revealed that his version of the bat-story would be told backwards as a nod to Chris Nolan's Momento. Click through to see a gallery of the rest of Olson's bat-characters.


Says Olson: "I thought it would be fun to approach this by telling the story backwards. So you'll notice that each time the villain appears, he seems to be gaining weapons instead of losing them. That was an intentional nod to Chris Nolan's film, and I love playing with that type of structure."


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