It's raining ninjas in this awesome 4-minute G.I. Joe: Retaliation preview

Okay, they've shown us the scene where Snake Eyes shoots Storm Shadow's throwing stars out of the air, and they've also shown us the scene where Snake Eyes and Jinx fight a bunch of red ninjas on the side of a mountain. But now this 4-minute G.I. Joe: Retaliation clip bridges these two scenes together, and as it turns out the entire fight scene is also pretty sweet, too.

Warning: The weather forecast is cloudy with a 60% chance of ninja precipitation. Residents are advised to stay indoors unless they have a really durable umbrella.

[Via ToyNewsI]

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I don't even care how people are going to call this a shallow film because of lack of plot or whatever. Cinematographically speaking and action-wise, I think this is top-notch quality. The action is great, the soundtrack is cool and even the CGI is pretty good. Count me in.