It's Raining Lampreys In Fairbanks, Alaska

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It seems hungry birds have been snatching the lampreys from their watery spawning grounds and dropping them over land when they lose their grip on the long, wriggly, toothy fish.


The hypothesis comes from the experts at Lamprey Conservation and Management, who have seen this kind of thing before. “We recently observed a similar situation in Limerick City, Ireland,” LCM told Sarah Keartes at Earth Touch News. “A little boy was waiting for his mother in the car when this adult lamprey fell out of the sky and landed on the window. The fish was still alive and attached to the car when she returned.” (Pictured above. Just look at that kid’s face.)

[Earth Touch News via David Steen]

Contact the author at and @rtg0nzalez. Photo by Lamprey Conservation and Management.

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This looks like an ad for an early ‘70s made-for-TV horror movie. The Lampreys... starring William Shatner and Linda Evans. With Strother Martin as the Prospector and Claude Akins as Sheriff Talbot!