It's Paul Giamatti Versus an Artificial Human in This Tense Clip from Scifi Horror Film Morgan

In an extended clip from Morgan—about a synthetic human who turns violent, thanks to the organic humans around her—we get a closer look at a scene from the very intriguing trailer. Paul Giamatti plays a doctor whose psych evaluation of the title character (The Witch’s Anya Taylor-Joy) turns spooky, fast.

Watch the trailer, linked above, if you want to see a hint of what happens when the screen goes black at the end of the clip.


Morgan is the debut feature of writer-director Luke Scott—son of Ridley Scott—who cut his teeth as second-unit director on The Martian and Exodus: Gods and Kings. He’s assembled quite the cast for Morgan, which is out September 2. Besides Giamatti and Taylor-Joy, the film also stars Kate Mara, Toby Jones, Rose Leslie, Michelle Yeoh, and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

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