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It's Our Turn to Be Baby Boomer Fascists

Heroes ended on a high point last night, despite the fact that show runner Tim Kring had to wrap everything up in the eleventh episode due to writers' strike woes. In fact, the best part was that nothing got resolved at all. Not only are we left wondering about several possible deaths, but we're also treated to this scene, where psychic cop Matt and the Petrelli become as evil as their baby boomer parents.

What's great about this is we see our good guys slowly being corrupted by their power. Nathan asks Matt to mind-control a crowd ("make them listen") while the former politician gives a speech about the horrors of Primatech, the front company for the nasty mutant baby boomer generation. Creep-tastic. While the episode disappointed in some ways — Sylar's eyebrow acting is wearing thin — it delivered the punches we've been craving. Hiro fights Adam, and sparky-handed Elle learns from HRG that her father abused her when she was a kid. Mutant drama plus will-they-go-evil cliffhanger equals goddamn I will keep watching this awesome show whenever it comes back.


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