It's Only the End of the World in the Spoilery Doctor Who Discussion Thread

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Image: BBC

After a trip sideways into a false world last week, Doctor Who thrust itself into the here and now for this week—and after some slow-burning intrigue, it ramped up the villainous Monk’s plans all the way to 11. Let’s talk about just how the hell the Doctor and Bill will get out of this one in our weekly, spoiler-packed discussion thread!

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“The Pyramid at the End of the World”—a title so long I already regret having typed it out twice—started out as an extremely slow burn, even more than last week’s “Extremis”, which was already a lot of set up for this trio of stories. But even then, it managed to weave the tenseness of the doomsday scenario hanging over the world’s head—and, for once, interestingly played with the sham nature of the Doctor’s “President of Earth” title, and how little it means when humanity’s back is really against the wall—and the gut-clenchingly inevitable nature of the subplot between hapless scientists Erica and Douglas felt like it did a much better job of setting up the creepiness of how the Monks themselves operate (And their strange desire for consent and love before, you know, invading the world and enthralling it under their decaying thumbs).

Honestly, as intriguing as the idea of the doomsday the Monks were predicting being a harmless accident in a lab is, what makes the climax of this middle-part in the Monk trilogy is the complete and utter hell it puts Bill through. Season 10 has been completely okay with baptising its new companion in fire: from facing the harsh realities of life with the Doctor in “Thin Ice”, to the bleak near-death experience of “Oxygen”, and now the revelation of not just the Doctor’s lie about his blindness, but her willingness to sacrifice everything just to give him a new chance to save the day. Bill’s come out of her tribulations as a strong, reliable ally at the Doctor’s side time and time again, but it’s kind of intense just to see Doctor Who throw it’s audience surrogate into the ringer over and over. How much more can Bill take?

The next time teaser however, seems there’s much, much more to be asked of her before this saga is over. Including potentially siding with one of the Doctor’s wiliest, deadliest foes... to save him from himself?

We’ll have more thoughts on Monday—but otherwise share your opinions in the comments below!

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This is the first episode of the season I’ve disliked. First, we know the aliens have spent near infinite time and resources studying simulations of Earth, and for whatever reason they required being loved, yet they claim looking like a zombie is the closest they can get. It’s like “V” except they showed up as the lizard people to start with.

BTW, infinite simulations, but somehow they didn’t figure out that if they’d arrived AFTER the bug got out the human race would be a lot more eager to embrace them as their beloved, rotted saviors.

Then the weirdo thing where they need “consent” for some bizarre reason but one person is allowed to sell out the entire human race just because she really, really wants to. Apparently, that’s how consent works in Moffat’s world.

I was really looking forward to this episode because what I was expecting from part 1 it would be a back and forth cat and mouse game where the Doctor finds that they’ve anticipated his every move and he ends up having to resort to unleashing Missy and then on to the final chapter to see what comes of that. But, no, we get... this. So, disappointing.