It's Okay to be Smart is now on YouTube!

Joe Hanson, creator of the fantastic science tumblr It's Okay to be Smart, has a new YouTube science show by the very same name. He's teamed up with PBS to make it happen, and it sounds like they've got big things in store.


Via his Hanson's tumblr:

I can't tell you how excited I am to be doing this, or that I get to work with PBS. I grew up with PBS and their programming is a large part of what made me realize the value of combining education with creativity. I feel like me and Big Bird are basically co-workers now. We'll be posting a new episode every other week on our YouTube page, and I'll still be maintaining this blog like always. You'll even get added bonus material to go along with each episode and expand your knowledge that much more.


Up top is the first episode, "Life By The Numbers." Give it a whirl — we think you'll enjoy.

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Quit using the arbitrary units like football fields, space shuttles, and blue whales! I bet the next episode they will compare something to the size of a human hair.