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It's Okay, Penguin, Daddy's Back

Death doesn’t matter when you’ve got Paul Reubens. The actor returns to Gotham as the Ghost of Christmas Murder, and here’s the first clip of his Penguin Haunting. Welcome back, Paul, you’ve been missed.

Reubens appeared in two episodes last season and was easily one of the best parts of an otherwise-messy show. Reprising the role he first embodied in 1992's Batman Returns, Reubens was a dead-lock for Robin Lord Taylor’s Penguin, and the two worked well together. Sadly, the guy was only around for a couple of episodes before dying of poison to the mouth. But now he’s back, footsie pajamas and all, to warn Oswald Cobblepot that there’s a killer on the loose.


But the question remains: Why is Cobblepot Sr. a ghost? Well, judging by the Certificate of Sanity that comes crashing into Oswald’s house, this could be the work of the Riddler. It looks like he might want to get revenge after Barbara implied that Oswald killed Isabella, meaning no more bromance-turned-romance. Pour out your drink for the best ship of 2016.


[Bleeding Cool]

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Gotham isn’t the best show- but it takes crazy risks and that is to be respected.