It's Official: Young Justice Is Coming Back

Today, we are all Wally West.

After years of hoping and begging, it’s finally happening. Warner Bros. has officially announced that the beloved DC animated series Young Justice, which came to a close three years ago, will return for a third season. No, you did not just enter an alternate reality where all your dreams have come true. This is actually happening.


Warner Bros. has officially revealed that Young Justice season 3 has entered production, complete with original producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti. This confirms long-simmering rumors this year about a possible return for the fan-favorite animated series about the young proteges of DC’s finest heroes saving the world as their own superteam.

No other details have been confirmed—not even a potential airdate or network to run on—in the press release, save for a promise that it will have “new twists, turns and dangerous new threats for the team.” Oh, there’s also a teaser poster that both tells you totally nothing and everything you wanted to hear ever since the show went off air:

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We cannot wait to see this universe again.

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That’s great news!!

Next on the cartoon revival list so that we may live in an AU where all dreams come true, off the top of my head.

Green Lantern: TAS

Sym-Biotic Titan

Danny Phantom

Invader Zim

Sonic The Hedgehog

... Expand on my list as you see fit.