It's official: Toy Story 3 writer will pen Star Wars: Episode VII!

Illustration for article titled Its official: emToy Story 3/em writer will pen Star Wars: Episode VII!

Yesterday, we reported the rumor that Michael Arndt, screenwriter of Toy Story 3 and Little Miss Sunshine would be writing the screenplay for the new Star Wars movie. Today, the official Star Wars website confirms that Arndt will be penning the script for Episode VII, slated for a 2015 release.


Wood Solo by Sillof.

[via Deadline]

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The best part is that as the macho dude that I am I know I won't cry at the end like I didn't cry at the end of Toy Story 3. (sniff) Jeez, I miss my old toys, but I wasn't crying it was really dry in that theater and someone smelled like onions and my grandmother died that day when she ran over my dog!