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It's Official: The Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Is Being Pushed to 2020

Image: Paramount

Gotta fix fast, but not that fast. Director Jeff Fowler has announced that Paramount had delayed the release of Sonic the Hedgehog by three months, to allow the visual effects team some more time to work on a character redesign.


Earlier this month, following criticism of Sonic’s design in the first Sonic the Hedgehog trailer, Fowler promised they would work on a new design for the character. This prompted some criticism about whether this would put undue pressure on the visual effects artists, giving them less time to finish the movie. Now, the director has announced on Twitter that the movie will be released on February 14, 2020 instead.


The whole situation has prompted a larger conversation about fandom, criticism, and the way visual effects artists are treated in the industry. We recently talked with some VFX artists about what it would take to do a resign of the Sonic the Hedgehog character. Based on suggested changes that have been supported by fans, they said it could take somewhere up to three months to get the character ready to put back into the movie.

Delaying the movie four months might still make things tight, but it seems like it would give the artists more room to work with. Although I feel Fowler’s joking hashtag about his VFX artists was a little, well, gauche.

Sonic the Hedgehog is now coming out on February 14, 2020. No better way to celebrate true love than by watching a running hedgehog, right?


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Glade to hear nobody has to suffer and crunch to fix a movie that will be bad for different reasons and probably flop anyway.