It's official: The origins of Doctor Who are becoming a TV movie

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There have been rumors for a while that the BBC was going to make a biopic about the creation of Doctor Who for the show's 50th anniversary. There's plenty of scope for a drama there — as the show's first ever director Waris Hussein told io9, the show's first creators were considered outcasts and upstarts at the hidebound old BBC.


Now it's official — Mark Gatiss is writing a 90-minute drama about the making of Doctor Who, called An Adventure in Space and Time. In a press release, Gatiss is quoted as saying:

This is the story of how an unlikely set of brilliant people created a true television original. And how an actor - William Hartnell - stereotyped in hard-man roles became a hero to millions of children. I've wanted to tell this story for more years than I can remember! To make it happen for Doctor Who's 50th birthday is quite simply a dream come true.

It sounds as though the TV movie will appear on or near Nov. 23, 2013. No clue yet who'll play William Hartnell, but whoever it is will have a tough job. [BBC]



Am I the only one who read that headline and misunderstood it as the origins of the actual character? I'm sad now :(