It's official: the Chronicle director will reinvent the Fantastic Four!

Illustration for article titled Its official: the emChronicle/em director will reinvent the emFantastic Four/em!

It's long been rumored that Fox was courting Chronicle director Josh Trank to make a new Fantastic Four movie. And now it's finally confirmed! In an interview with Collider, Fox CEO Tom Rothman confirmed Trank's involvement.

Josh Trank who did Chronicle, I think this has been reported, is gonna come on and work on a take, or a vision, that he has for it, so we're very excited about that.


But what does that mean for the Fantastic Four? Will they be recast as high school kids? What about the THING? Nick Offerman (that's Ron Swanson, if you're nasty) has already expressed great interest in this character — and we'd like to see that dream come true. Granted Rothman didn't say that Trank was officially the director, but he's definitely involved in some manner. And that's good, because Chronicle was a fresh new take on the cluttered superhero genre.


Image by Terry Dodson.

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Dr. Grizzly

I think we can all agree there was really only one terrible casting decision in the original FF. Sorry Jessica Alba but you're completely the wrong fit for that character. I think everyone else would have been fine had they been given something to work with. The Invisible Woman should be hot, but its gotta be like Mom-hot, like Ellen Barkin (sidenote, not Ellen Barkin, but someone like that).