It's Official: Season Two of Supergirl Will Be on the CW

Image: Supergirl, CBS/WB
Image: Supergirl, CBS/WB

As has been rumored for a while, Supergirl will get a second season. But it will move from CBS to the CW.

As time ran out for CBS to renew Supergirl, the idea to cut costs and move the show to the CW became a serious option. Supergirl was an immensely expensive show for CBS, with a very high license fee. Costs are going to be cut for the second season, with Supergirl’s production moving from Los Angeles to Vancouver. And CBS won’t own any part of the show anymore—while every other show on the CW is jointly owned and produced by CBS and WB, every show based on DC characters is the sole property of WB. DC, you’ll remember, is owned by WB.

There are so many reasons the CW makes a better fit than CBS. WB owning DC, for one. Presumably you don’t have to charge yourself licensing fees. The CW being the home of The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow another. And the fact that Supergirl’s viewership was significantly younger than CBS’ average.


So, with the show joining the other DC-CW shows in Vancouver and the CW, prepare for even more crossovers.


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