Paul Rudd is the star of Edgar Wright's Ant-Man, after all

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UPDATE: It's official: Paul Rudd is the lead in Edgar Wright's Marvel movie Ant-Man, according to The Wrap. But which version of the size-changing ant-themed superhero is he possibly going to play?


The Wrap says Rudd is in talks to play the role of Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man, and THR backs up their claim. Rudd has been deflecting this question for weeks, but now apparently it's a done deal. He's still just in talks — but reading between the lines, it sounds as though he's got the part already. The other rumored Ant-Man candidate, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, has just committed to star in (and maybe direct) Sandman.


If you didn't know, Ant-Man is a scientist who creates the ability to change his size (down to an Ant! etc.) as well as communicate with insects. While many are reporting that Rudd will be playing the inventor of this tech, Hank Pym, BadAssDigest is speculating that Rudd will be portraying the lesser known Scott Lang version, who takes over the Ant-Man mantle after Pym leaves it behind.

So there you have it, Paul Rudd Ant-Man. Probably. Thoughts?

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Jane, you ignorant slut.

I can't remember the last time I saw Paul Rudd in a role where he wasn't an annoying (but hilarious) man-child. Is Ant-Man supposed to be an annoying (but hilarious) man-child? Can Paul Rudd play roles where he isn't one of these anymore?