No need for a “Which of the Totally Spies Are You?” I’m totally Clover.

Hi everyone. After a year of crazy adventures, today is my last day filling your weekends with Stephen Bannon’s space opera, Myrcella’s banana brains death on Game of Thrones, and so many digital erections. But I have to say, I think one of my favorite weekend activities with y’all has been doing online quizzes about my favorite shows and movies... mostly because I fail horribly. So send me some of your favorite nerdy quizzes, and let’s see how I do!


I’m sure the masses have already started wailing to the cosmos about my weekend departure, but don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. In fact, you’re going to see a hell of a lot more of me. Not only will I be writing even more on the weekdays, but I’m also joining io9's growing video team to bring you more comic con coverage, livestreams, and other fantastic video stuff. In fact, we’ve already started! Check out my and Katharine Trendacosta’s weekly Game of Thrones livestreams, Mondays on Facebook at 12:30pm ET.

I’ve gotta say, this has been one of my favorite jobs I’ve ever had. It’s been really great hanging out with y’all on the weekends. So let’s all take a journey into our lives and loves together with quizzes like: What Hogwarts House Are You (last time I checked I was Slytherin, sorry peeps), or How Many Game of Thrones Characters Can You Name (oh god). Be sure to let me know how y’all do as well— most likely because you’ll probably do better than me. Except on a Totally Spies quiz. I’m the queen of Beverly Hills.


And you may have already seen the amazing and talented Julie Muncy, who’s taking over as the new weekend editor. Be sure to say hi and send her kitty GIFs. Thanks for the weekend fun, everyone, and keep being fabulous. Totally.

Video Editor and Staff Writer at io9. My doppelganger is that rebelling greeting card from Futurama.

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