Robo-teen Summer Glau tries to bond with some real girls and comfort a hazing victim, only to get called "bitch-whore," in a scene from last night's Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. (She decides "bitch-whore" is her new nickname, which should totally be a running subplot.) Someone's harassing the girls of Terminator High with giant stencils and bras, and Summer is out of her depth. We also had a lot of way-subtle girl-grooming=violence moments, a Kill Bill-Robert Oppenheimer mash-up, and the world's craziest explanation of the Singularity. Click through for spoilers.

Sadly, there was no dykey good cop/bad cop action between Terminateen and Sarah Connor last night. Instead, Summer tried to befriend a suicidal teen girl, but then decided to let her die. It was like Mean Girls, only more confusing. (What was that bra on the door about?) We keep hearing about how Summer can't fit in as a teenager, even though she did it just fine in the first episode. Meanwhile, Sarah befriended a dorky guy who made a computer that probably wasn't Skynet, but it played a mean game of chess.

And we had the afore-mentioned mega-subtle girl-grooming stuff. Including a scene where Terminateen is putting on eye-liner, and John Connor says it's not brain surgery. She replies that the eye-pencil would have to be a lot sharper for that. D00d! She just compared her eyeliner to a scalpel. Shortly afterwards, Sarah shaves her legs and we linger for ages on the massive blood drop falling into the bathwater. Subtlety, thy name isn't Sarah Connor Chronicles. Oh, and meanwhile we're discovering how gross and difficult it is to grow a whole new healthy skin, for our evil male Terminator. It's just hard to look pretty.


And speaking of unsubtle, the dream sequence where Sarah kills the inventors of the atomic bomb is brilliant, haunting, and a giant sledgehammer with "MESSAGE" imprinted on it so it leaves a mark on your head. The whole running monologue about whether you'd kill Oppenheimer and co. was sort of fascinating, until it dragged on and on like most of this show's monologues. Way better was John Connor's explanation of the Singularity: basically, machines get smarter and smarter, and build machines that are smarter than they are, until they're smart enough to own your ass.

I just can't wait until the stencil-bra slimer tries to mess with our Summer, and gets what he/she deserves. It'll be like Termina-Heathers.