It's Justice League vs. Justice League vs. Justice League in DC's summer event "Trinity War"

DC's been teasing a "Trinity War" since the New 52 first launched back in 2011, and this summer, it's finally here: All three Justice Leagues — JL regular, JL of America and Justice League Dark — will collide along with the trinity of The Phantom Stranger, The Question and Pandora, who you might remember as the lady who singlehandedly transformed the DCU into the DC New.

Obviously, there are very few details DC is willing to spill at this point:

• The story will be told in Justice League, Justice League of America and Justice League Dark beginning in July


• The image above is a tryptich of all three inaugural covers

• Pandora will get her own series in June, just before "Trinity War" begins

• Shazam will be part of the war, but not part of any specific League

• JL's new female Atom and Metamorpho will also play major roles, as well as Dark member Frankenstein

If DC is finally going to reveal more about Pandora, are we about to learn more about why she had to merge DC's realities into the New 52-inverse? Is there a chance that she could revert things back to the original DCU? Might the entire New 52 be DC's version of New Coke, in which Coca-Cola "updated" their main product and removed the original version for a lengthy amount of time, creating an increased demand for the original? Probably not. Don't get your hopes up. In fact, I'm sorry I even brought it up.

[Via USA Today]


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