Nine artists at Brickworld Chicago did the world an incredible favor by creating an exhibit recreating scenes from The Princess Bride through the magic of Legos. You know how Westley and Buttercup were in Twoo Wuv? Well, that's what we're feeling for these sets.


Above is the Inigo vs. Westley duel scene by D.R. Church, to the left is Miracle Max's hut by Paul Vermeesch, and below is an awesome recreation of the Fire Swamp by Max Pointer.

To see all of them, head here — unless you're one of the six twisted people on the planet who somehow don't enjoy The Princess Bride, you're going to want them so much your inability to legally purchase them is going to feel like the first setting of Count Rugen's torture machine.

Updated! Check out Joshua Hanlon's interviews with the builders themselves below!

[Via Archie McPhee]


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