Logan's Run perfectly captures everything people in the 1970s thought was futuristic - including a bunch of hippie fascists who teleport random sex partners into their bedrooms via a device called "the circuit."

The plot has become as timeworn as space flowerchildren themselves: A domed city run by computers forces everyone to die at the age of 30. People who run instead of willingly hurling themselves to a fiery death are hunted down by "sandmen." Our hero, who you see here in his awesome leisure robe, is one of those sandmen. He's just killed a runner, and is ready for a night of love.

He's not interested in the futuristic gay guy, though - he wants a lady. Unfortunately, his casual sex partner is feeling blue due to that whole "all my friends over 30 are dead" thing. Bummer, man. Later, our sandman will become a runner himself, and we'll see a lot of shiny, bubble-shaped indoor malls filled with people wearing Stevie Nicks outfits. The future is far out, man.


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