It's Good To Be A Sandman . . . Except When Naked Chicks Are Sad

Logan's Run perfectly captures everything people in the 1970s thought was futuristic - including a bunch of hippie fascists who teleport random sex partners into their bedrooms via a device called "the circuit."

The plot has become as timeworn as space flowerchildren themselves: A domed city run by computers forces everyone to die at the age of 30. People who run instead of willingly hurling themselves to a fiery death are hunted down by "sandmen." Our hero, who you see here in his awesome leisure robe, is one of those sandmen. He's just killed a runner, and is ready for a night of love.

He's not interested in the futuristic gay guy, though - he wants a lady. Unfortunately, his casual sex partner is feeling blue due to that whole "all my friends over 30 are dead" thing. Bummer, man. Later, our sandman will become a runner himself, and we'll see a lot of shiny, bubble-shaped indoor malls filled with people wearing Stevie Nicks outfits. The future is far out, man.

Logan's Run [via IMDB]

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Annalee, I have to take umbrage with the placement of this in Found Footage. I appreciate the attention it is getting, it is one of my favorite films from both a story and design standpoint, however tossing this film in with the likes of Italian soft core Sci-Fi Porn, lost Mark Hamil movies and obscure gore-a-thons stings a bit.

Can I start a new column all about the pinnacle of old school sci-fi during the 70's? Films like this in the 70's were the last of a dying breed. They had great stories and amazing special effects, that were all immediately dated and put out to pasture in the spring of 1977 and have rarely been heard from again.