It's Friday, So Here's Ms. Marvel Punching Out What Is Basically a Chocobo From Final Fantasy

Honestly this needs one of those Final Fantasy IX-style swirl-ins into a random encounter screen.
Image: Ramon Bachs and Irene Strychalski (Marvel Comics)

Looks like someone’s not getting any Gysahl Greens.

Marvel’s delightful Rising spinoff property—which is bringing Ms. Marvel alongside Squirrel Girl, America Chavez, Quake, Patriot, Spider-Gwen, Inferno, and Captain Marvel into a superteam spanning across comics and animation—has already given us some very cute moments between these disparate heroes. But its latest issue, set to focus on a Kamala Khan/Doreen Green team-up, is looking like an absolute treat, judging by a new preview released by Marvel.

Doreen Green, still not so great at this whole “secret identity” thing.
Image: Ramon Bachs and Irene Strychalski (Marvel Comics)

Not only do we get to see Kamala meet the extended cast of Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (Brain Drain is, of course, a delight as ever), we also get a small taste of the threat that will bring Squirrel Girl and Ms. Marvel together: A superpowered gamer named Ember Quade who can summon video game characters to do her bidding. Kamala and Doreen have apparently already been beset by giant gorillas and squirrels by Ember’s attacks, according to the preview—but her latest apparition takes inspiration from one of the most beloved JRPG series around Final Fantasy.

Electric de Chocobo just started playing in my head and it will not stop.
Image: Ramon Bachs and Irene Strychalski (Marvel Comics)

Okay, so they can’t actually call it a Chocobo for legal reasons, but come on, that’s a Chocobo right there, not a “giant RPG chicken!” Looks like a Chocobo, moves like a Chocobo, kwehs like a Chocobo (okay so it krrrraaaws but, close enough). That’s a goddamn Chocobo and Kamala Khan is gonna beat it up. I love it dearly.


You can check out the full preview of Marvel Rising: Squirrel Girl and Ms. Marvel #1 at the link below, ahead of the full issue’s release next week on July 4.



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