Illustration for article titled Its Friday Night, And Weve Met Our Quota Of Drone Kills.

And Hangar Bay 7 has never looked sweeter or more welcoming. This was a tough one — that last pack of stray drones, out in the superheated gas cloud, came out of nowhere and nearly wiped us out. But now, we're coming home for a weekend of guzzling Simian (TM) Brand Gin.


Why did we launch a million drones into the galaxy in the first place, when we knew that roughly 3 percent of them had a programming flaw that would make them turn against us and plot our destruction from the hot gas clouds where organics fear to visit? Beats me. But at least it means we have a job for life, because 3 percent of a million is... well, it's a lot. And you know what else is a lot? The cost of a weekend's supply of Simian (TM) Brand Gin, the only gin that induces temporary atavism and goes down smooth with a slice of lime. So drink up! Come Monday, we'll be back in the gas clouds, hunting killer drones.

Awesome concept art by Alex Ichim

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