It's Finally Morphin' Time In the Latest Power Rangers Trailer

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The first trailer for Power Rangers set up the very serious world of this newly rebooted Angel Grove. But the second sees our teens with attitudes become the heroes they were always meant to be, and it’s a lot more fun.


I must admit, I’ve not been the biggest fan of what we’ve seen from the Power Rangers movie so far—the first trailer was dull and overly serious, and each reveal of a classic character looking, well, absolutely nothing like the character they represent, has been disheartening. But this trailer finally just fully embraces the superpowered mania of Power Rangers, and it’s a lot of fun because of it.

Sure the overall aesthetic is still weird sci-fi and muted, but once these teens with attitude morph—and yes, they even get to say that it’s morphin’ time—we’re treated to bright, colorful action scenes that actually look really fun. Let’s hope the movie is more like this and less like the serious setup.

Power Rangers hits theaters March 24.

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Of course their helmets pull back to reveal their pretty faces.