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It's Deadwood - with zombies!

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There's nothing better than zombies in a gold mining camp in the nineteenth century. That's the idea behind filmmaker Rene Perez' movie The Dead and The Damned, premiering next month at San Francisco's Another Hole In The Head film festival.


I love the look and feel of the movie from this teaser. It reminds me a lot of Cherie Priest's Gold Rush era zombie novel Boneshaker, though there are no zeppelins here sadly.

Here's the scoop on this movie:

East Bay Filmmaker Rene Perez takes us back to the oft-forgotten period of California history when zombies roamed the hills in the World Premiere of THE DEAD AND THE DAMNED (2010). It is 1849 in Jamestown California and the Gold Rush is in effect. The local miners are eager to search everyday hoping to come out on top with the best and most gold from the hills and valleys. During an expedition the miners stumble upon a fallen meteor and they bring it into town and unknowingly release deadly spoors located inside. Soon the town's population begins to turn into deadly blood thirsty Zombies and Mutants. Will the remaining townsfolk survive this unspeakable event?


You can find out more at the film's official website.

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Lamar Henderson

Will it have the same sort of Shakespearianesque dialogue?

"What, pray, is this goddamn rancid specter fucking with my accouterments?"

"Why, I believe that cocksucker with the sloughing flesh bears a might resemblance to Deke Crenshaw."

"Indeed. Was not asshole Deke suitably introduced to his Maker last week for cheating at cards at the Long Branch Saloon?"

"Truth as I remember it. Yet yonder cocksucker consuming Abner's brains as a jellied confectionery seems to bare a marked semblance to the deceased asshole in question."

"I agree, sir. Say, does it seem that walking dead Deke has acquired some more fucking companions of the same ilk?"

"Thus it appears. I suggest we make haste to repair to the relative safety of the mines before the goddamn shambling horrors make comestibles of our own brain pots."

"Pray, then, lead on, whilst I cover our retreat with this fucking shotgun."