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Syfy is headed to Defiance for a second season

Illustration for article titled Syfy is headed to emDefiance/em for a second season

Syfy has announced that we're in for a second helping of its Earthbound futuristic western Defiance. We're in for another season of alien race relations and mutant beasties, all under the Gateway Arch.


After a shaky pilot, we've been very excited about the turns Defiance has taken. We're hoping that the series still has plenty of surprises to hurl our way, both in this season and the next.

Defiance Season 2 Is Coming [Syfy via Blastr]

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It's been very much a alien Deadwood. Which to me is a good thing since Deadwood has been gone for a while.

The catifants(sp?) (the white dark elves) are becoming more interesting to me as while the father is sneaky and manipulative the wife is even more so and lets the husband get all the credit (and the whole your sister is such a nice prostitue for my husband speech).

Irathients are more interesting but need fleshed out more.

Id actually like to see some more main chars pop up from the other races so we can learn more about them.

And I'm surprised io9 hasn't had more articles until now on this show.