The latest trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy makes a strong case that we're looking at the summer's most fun movie, bar none. But it's also jam-packed with complicated mythos and backstory. So let's break it down, screencap by screencap, gif by gif, and unravel the secrets of Starlord, Rocket Raccoon and the gang.

Spoilers ahead...

First up, a big thank you to Kevin Garcia for ferreting out a lot of the secrets from the teasers over the weekend, over on Observation Deck. Thank you, and well done. So without re-treading a lot of what we already covered in our first screencap roundup, let's break out the new surprises in this trailer.


First up it's a new version of the original Peter Quill introduction we saw in the first trailer. This new version reveals two additional things about the Star-Lord. One, that he knows he's from Earth. And two, that the Star-Lord mask can disappear right off his face. Fancy new space tech!

In our on set interview with Chris Pratt, he revealed what Peter knows about his past:

Peter Quill is a guy who's half-human, half-alien. We know the movie starts on Earth, but is set mostly in space. I'm kind of curious, is the character more informed by who he was on Earth or is he more informed by who he has become in space?

No, at this point he's definitely more informed by who he was on Earth. The arc of the character, it's a very human arc. It's really based on who he was and what was taken from him as a kid. And something that he missed and lacks that he has to gain through the course of the movie. That's definitely what we're focusing on...When he leaves Earth he's a kid. He's like nine or ten. ... You get to see the origin of who he is and why he is the way he is when you meet him as an adult later in space.

Pratt elaborated that the Peter Quill the audience is meeting is young, and looking for his big payout moment. Trying to get the big score, or lottery ticket, that will fix all his troubles. And I'm betting this witty exchange between Djimon Hounsou, playing Korath the Pursuer, is one of those alleged moments.

Next up, a shot of Star-Lord's Milano Spaceship, in space.

First shot of the group all together. Peter narrates, "So here we are..." Note the great aliens in the background.

"A Thief..." [holding that orb again]

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Incidentally, that orb he's tossing up and down is the one that he stole from the tomb where Korath found him in the first trailer, and it looks like the crowd is confronting him about it.

"two Thugs (meaning Rocket Raccoon and Groot)"

"an Assassin (Gamora)"

"and a Maniac (Drax the Destroyer)."

We've already spent A LOT of time breaking down this team, so if you want to know more about each character's amazing backstory (Gamora is the "daughter" of Thanos) check out our last trailer dissection. But let's move on to what's new in this trailer.

Like our first footage of the movie's Big Bad, Ronan the Accuser.

Who is not messing around. Ronan the Accuser is a Kree who plays a key role in the Kree-Skrull War as well as Annihilation, so it's great that we're getting to meet him in this film.

Ronan is played by Lee Pace. Unfortunately, his amazing eyebrows are covered up in this very blue costume. But he still looks very intimidating.

Here's Ronan taking part in single combat against another dude, in a mystery arena, with four cloaked figures surrounding them:

So how does Ronan threaten to destroy the galaxy? We don't know, but at one point, the trailer shows him closing his fist around something bright:

And it seems to trigger an explosion, killing lots of people:

Also, here's one of Ronan's "Necrocraft" bombing the surface of a planet:

Ronan also has a purple glowing weapon that he unleashes on the Guardians:

Here's one of Ronan's minions that the gang will have to fight, who may or may not be the Sakaarans from Planet Hulk, if one toy is to be believed:

And here's Glenn Close as Nova Prime. Think of her as the boss of the "space cops." The Nova Corps are pretty similar to the Green Lantern Corps in the DC Universe, only without any little blue men running everything. And behind her you can see the new, updated Nova Corps uniforms. Looks great.

But perhaps the most EXCITING reveal was Knowhere:

For those of you who missed it, Knowhere is the floating, decapitated head of a Celestial that's been turned into a space port. Yes that is a giant head, that now exists as a docking station. And I gotta say, it kind of looks badass. In fact I kind of like the rotting, spinal cord hanging out the back. Really just wonderful stuff. Looks even better in "real life" than it does in the comics (which is rare).

Another big tease in this trailer is the big fight between Gamora and the villain Nebula (Karen Gillan).

Which Gunn has shared the absolute cutest behind the scenes shots of:

Also maybe that fight didn't go so well, because some commenters (thanks) think Gamora has lost her arm in this image. Personally, I just think Zoe Saldana is just THAT good.

Benecio del Toro makes a SHORT appearance as The Collector, whom we met briefly at the end of Thor: The Dark World. He appears to be outside of his museum. Which... is... interesting...

The almost-kiss (under a gorgeous sky).

The Milano being chased by a zillion ships, through some kind of electromagnetic blowup over that planet's surface:

A completely bonkers shot of Drax:

Peter's "Awesome Mix Vol. 1" And lots of old trappings from his youth on Earth in the 1980s. Spotted scratch and sniff stickers, ALF, Garbage Pail Kids, Troll Doll.

We also get to see some of Peter's other gear, including his boot jets:

And a neat rocket launcher:

This is also the first time we get to hear Bradley Cooper really "talk" as Rocket Raccoon. He has a whole bit of dialogue — and here's an excellent shot of Rocket's ship.

Gunn has called Rocket the "soul" of the movie. In an interview with Digital Spy Gunn elaborated on the harsh reality of Rocket's origins, and what that's going to do to him (and the members of the team).

It really means that this is a movie that has a talking raccoon in it, and it's very important that it is not the Avengers with Bugs Bunny in the center of it. It's really important that Rocket is a real creature, and I love him, and he is the heart of the movie. He's the most representative of the Guardians in that he is this mangled beast that was taken and experimented on and torn apart and put back together, and we have to feel that character's soul. If we feel that character's soul and we know him and we love him, we see his plight and see why he is such an angry little guy, then the movie will work.

Many thanks to James Gunn, for now we have a visual of what it looks like when a CG Raccoon "adjusts" himself.

Gif via

And last but far from least, Groot gets some great moments in the trailer. At one point, he seems to be releasing spores (or fireflies) upwards, to everyone's wonderment:

And growing new twigs in an especially tense moment:

And giving a flower to a little girl:

But most of all, saying his catchphrase...

And finally, because I'm obsessed with Groot and his new voice, saying "I am Groot," here is a vine with Groot saying his one and only classic line on loop. You're welcome.