It's An Existential Post-Apocalypse in Video Short "Bunker"

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The world has been nuked. Under Paris, a woman waits months alone in a bunker with only canned food for company. She's about to commit suicide when a voice comes over the radio. Find out what happens next in Bunker.


French filmmaker Paul Doucet shot this short with a RED ONE digital camera, which is the new hotness - Peter Jackson loves the RED, and District 9 was shot using one too. The RED brings a burnished quality to the look of this film, which perfectly suits the retro-futurist environment inside the bunker.

This short is a little bit Sarah Connor, a little bit Twilight Zone, and a whole lot of post-apocalyptic grimness. Perfect for your morning coffee break.


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Well I thought that was rather predictable. Nicely done, but predictable. I do love the quality of films done with the RED cameras though.