Behold my favorite scene from last night's episode of The Originals — Mama Original has been compelled to tell the truth to Klaus, so we know she has no hidden agenda. And she says she just wanted him to love her again. His response is totally priceless. (And also incredibly vicious.) Spoilers ahead...


One of the amazing things about The Originals is how dickish Klaus has managed to remain. True, it's his main quality, and was the main thing people noticed about him in The Vampire Diaries, but now that he's carrying his own show and is at least supposed to be sympathetic, it's a true marvel.

In last night's episode, Klaus is once again faced with the need to trust his long lost sister Freya. But he won't trust her, and even when he finally decides to let her channel his power (and read his mind) he's still completely revolting towards her. The great thing is that Freya, their mom, and a bunch of other side characters remark that Freya is going to turn the rest of the family against Klaus, and he just sort of shrugs it off. People turning against him? Must be Tuesday.


This may be the last we see of Mama Original, because she got turned into dead birds or something at the end of the episode, when Freya finally decided to act out her abandonment issues. But even though Mama Original was sort of a plot device in this episode, providing information on how to save Rebekah from the rightful owner of her body, this was a pretty good sendoff. Mama Original got to revisit her Original Sin — making a bargain to give her first-born to her sister Dahlia in exchange for fertility — and her regrets about handing over Freya to Dahlia when Freya turned five.

And she got to tell Klaus one last time how sorry she is about the whole "turning her kids into vampires" thing, this time under a compulsion of honesty. Earlier this season, Klaus was seeing himself as a monster whose only value could be in protecting his daughter from other monsters — but now he seems to be embracing his eternal evil life more fully. "My mother, the comedian," sounds kind of snarky and funny when you write it out — but that's not how he delivers the line.

The actual main plot this week had to do with the psycho killer witch Eva retaking her body from Rebekah and trying to complete her deadly power-sucking ritual to become New Orleans' new mega-witch. Vincent has to confront his loss and betrayal over his shattered marriage to Eva, while Marcel has to risk everything for Rebekah (and not get thanked at the end at all.) The upshot, though? Rebekah has to stay in Eva's body, and she's still tied to the nine witches that Eva was trying to sacrifice. (Which means that when Dahlia shows up, she'll suddenly find out that she can tap all of their power. You heard it here first.)

And the Elijah/Haley/Gia triangle sort of lurches forward, with a bit of jealousy followed by Haley and Gia kind of bonding over Elijah being such a martyr.


Aiden/Josh quotient: 0

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