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Joss Whedon's cyber-musical, Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog, could arrive as soon as July, before San Diego Comic-Con (July 24th) according to Underwire's quick word with Felicia Day. As we reported, Dr. Horrible is a three-part web series where an ill-adjusted villain tries to win the girl, and acceptance into the League of Evil. Neil Patrick Harris has been cast for the lead singing role of Dr. Horrible, Felicia Day is the lovely lass of the laundromat, and Nathan Fillion plays his nemesis Captain Hammer. "We got this amazing crew," Whedon told SciFi Wire. "Everybody just sort of said, 'We'll just jump on,' and in six days we shot this 36-minute, three-part oddity, which I think is the most fun I've had in about seven years." [Wired Underwireand SciFi Wire]


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