Here is even MORE evidence that vaccines don't cause autism. So you can stop beating that undead zombie horse.

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The whole vaccine/autism "debate" is a zombie-horse that refuses to stay beaten to death. Writing today for Forbes, Emily Willingham continues to fight back the anti-vaxxers' undead steed with a newly published study.

One of the key pillars of the “vaccines cause autism” argument is that with the increase in the number of childhood vaccines on the schedule over the years, autism prevalence has increased, as well. I’ve frequently pointed out that the immune system doesn’t count the number of shots. It counts what’s in those shots, the molecules known as antigens, which trigger the immune response. And the number of antigens children encounter by way of today’s vaccine schedule is thousands fewer than it once was.

Now that key pillar, one that many research findings have already considerably weakened, has been eroded even more. A study just published in the Journal of Pediatrics added up the antigen number in the vaccines administered to 1008 children, 25% with autism, and found no correlation whatsover between autism and increasing antigen number through completion of the vaccine schedule up to age 2.

The twist? These children were born from 1994 to 1999, during a time when a single DTP shot could contain more than 3000 of the molecules that fire up the immune system. Today’s vaccine-related antigen exposure is considerably less.


How much less? The researchers found that the maximum number of antigens a 2-year-old child could be exposed to in 2012 was just 315. 315!

Do you hear that? That's the sound of an undead nag going down for the count, for the gazillionth time. Vaccines do not cause autism.

More details on the study, including relevant quotes from the researchers, in Willingham's piece: Vaccines not Linked to Autism. Again.

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"It's all a lie! I'd rather have my kids die of meningitis or something equally horrible and easily prevented than have them suffer through a vaccination because noted immunology PhD Jenny McCarthy said so!"