It's Alive's Evil Baby Crawls Again Plus Zombies And Cigarettes

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That fanged bloodthirsty baby is back in a remake - Check out the trailer, along with two adorable shorts with kids dancing with robots and running away from zombies.


It's Alive
Bijou Phillips, the curly headed girl from Hostel 2, stars in the straight-to-DVD '70s remake It's Alive. The film is pretty similar to the original in the sense that another woman gives birth to a baby that eats people and also has Mighty Mouse strength. Just one more reason to be afraid of those soft headed rosy-cheeked devils. Here's the new red band trailer from Bloody Disgusting. The DVD will be out October 6th.

Red Band Trailer



Zombies And Cigarettes
Quiet Earth pointed out this little foreign zombie short where a zombie infestation takes over a mall, as they so often tend to do....

Short film Zombies and cigarettes / English subtitle from Rafa Martínez on Vimeo.

Get Robotic
And finally, here's a short promo we found from the Robots & Us installation at Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, CA‎. It's got the robot-dancing Kaba Modern Dance Troop moving it with actual robots, so we all win really. Come on! It will make you smile.


Get Robotic! from Eye Tape on Vimeo.

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Mr. Wilson, Reluctant Pumpkin King Incarnate

Wow, the Discovery Science Center's finally getting some attention? When I used to live in Anaheim, I liked going there, though most the exhibits were often broken.