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It's a trap! All six Star Wars movies getting 3-D theatrical re-release

Illustration for article titled Its a trap! All six Star Wars movies getting 3-D theatrical re-release

First Lucasfilm announces a Star Wars box set on Blu-ray, and now they’re planning to re-release them theatrically in 3-D. But are you willing to sit through the prequels to see Empire in 3D? You may have to.


Lucasfilm has announced that 2012 will see the beginning of the 3-D conversion of the Star Wars films in theaters, in story order. Which means the Phantom Menace will be released first. Whether or not they’ll be able to continue screening the 3D converted films after no one shows up to watch the Phantom Menace is another question entirely.


So does a Star Wars 3D re-release fill you all with excitement, or dread?

[via Comingsoon]

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If you had asked me at age 9 what I wanted to be when I grew up, I might have told you, "I can't decide between X-Wing pilot or Jedi Knight, 'cuz I think only Luke Skywalker gets to be both." I love the original trilogy, yes, even Jedi.

Seeing Phantom Menace was a bit of a disappointment; loved the podracing but *loathed* the Midichlorians. Attack of the Clones was even worse; I felt like I had paid admission to watch someone play a poorly written videogame with brilliant graphics on a really big television.

I still haven't seen Revenge of the Sith, and having people tell me it's not nearly as bad as Clones is like hearing that twigs are not nearly as hard to digest as bark; why would I eat either?

I have made my peace with the idea that Lucas is an honest afficionado of the old-time moviegoing experience, both in and out of the theatre. He might love Red Ryder, but he loves the BB gun even more, and now he is a man who makes product intentionally and art incidentally, if at all.

Speaking to my friends' children and hearing their love of the prequels and tv shows and toys and video games makes me realize that, for good or ill, Lucas is accomplishing his mission.

Still, this realization may actually make it possible for me to enjoy seeing Revenge in re-release, and my inner 9-year-old will demand that we go and experience the Death Star trench run in 3D, this time with my daughters.