It's A Stargate Universe Alien Taste Test, In A New Clip

Check out a clip from this week's new Stargate Universe — by the looks of it they've finally found something to eat. But is it any good? Simple solution: make the crazy guy eat it. Watch his reaction.

This is the type of humor I really miss from this Stargate series, so I'm happy this is back, even if he is talking into a Kino. But this week's SGU isn't about non-sweet potatoes, it's all about murder aboard the Destiny. And sadly, I don't think it involves a group of role playing Southerners at a fancy dinner party.


The new SGU titled, "Justice" (ugh), will be on Syfy at 8 PM, this Friday.

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It already rocks! Enough with the SGU bashing. Just because they're focussing more on characters and drama rather than running away from aliens every week!