It's a New Episode of Haphead, the VR Gamer Dystopia Series

io9 is proud to be distributing new episodes of Haphead every week. In episode 3, we start to see the results of all Maxine's haptic brain interface gaming — she's become a serious ninja. But at home, she's still fighting with her old-school punk dad about being a wage slave.

Created by Jim Munroe, Haphead is an indie web series set in a future version of Toronto. Watch episode 3 now, or catch up with the series by watching episodes 1 and 2 here.

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Ep 3 was supposed to be available last thursday but it was post just yesterday.
I see that release dates have been removed from the site as well.
If you can watch the whole thing for a fee on demand, why can't the release schedule be adhered to?