It's A Galactic Eclipse!

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Call your astrologer! What does it mean when one galaxy passes in front of another? I'm guessing it means you'll find love, or spontaneous human combustion or something. Ground-based telescopes saw these overlapping galaxies as a single blob, but the Hubble Space Telescope was able to distinguish two different galaxies, a small one passing in front of a larger one, both about 780 million light years away. [Hubblesite]


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I hate to be picky... well, actually, I like to be picky... but "eclipse" wouldn't be the word, when the two celestial bodies are so disparate in apparent size.

If a much larger celestial body passes in front of a much smaller object, it's called an "occultation."

If a much smaller body passes in front of a much larger object, as in this case, it's called a "transit."