It's a Full-On Superhero War in the First Trailer for Powers Season 2

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Yes, Powers is coming back! It might have slightly fallen off the face of the earth after its much-vaunted debut on the Playstation Network earlier this year. But before you all go “Wait, Powers came out this year!?”, watch this trailer for the second season, and watch Sharlto Copley face an anti-superhuman revolution.


The trailer seems like it’s spinning out of the very first arc from Brian Michael Bendis (who’s credited in the trailer as “The co-creator of Jessica Jones” which reads a lot like “Oh god, you don’t remember us but that Jessica Jones TV show was good right???”) and Michael Avon Oeming’s comic series, about two police detectives who have work in a city filled with super-powered heroes and villains. That arc covered the fallout of the murder of well-liked hero Retro Girl, and as you can see in the trailer... things don’t go all that well.

The series is still being made by Sony exclusively for broadcast on its Playstation Network (even more specifically, for people who subscribe to the service to access online features on their Playstation consoles), so if you’re looking forward to this, you’re probably already subscribed from earlier in the year thanks to the first season. If you weren’t, I just reminded you that Powers came out this year, and you feel like all time has vanished from beneath your feet.

Powers will return to PSN in 2016.


Angrier Geek

I got about five minutes into the first episode before giving up. Aside from completely dumping the entire noir mood of the comic, it just wasn’t well-made at all. This doesn’t look any better.