Hold onto your Stormtrooper helmets, folks. A major pile of Star Wars: Episode VII concept art seems to have dropped, and they match many of the movie rumors we've been hearing about. Major spoilers ahead, so check them out at your own risk!

First. here's some images we've heard about very specifically — the mysterious, presumably evil cyborg and "Kira," the young character played by Daisy Ridley who may or may not be Han and Leia's kid.

In another of the new images, this cyborg character is embracing Kira from behind, and she has a sad, resigned look on her face, indicating she may be joining the villain in some way, for some reason. You can hear some more rumored details here if you so inclined, but obviously more spoilers ahoy.

Now there's been a lot of talk about a desert planet in Episode VII, although no one can agree if it's Tatooine or not. I don't know that this concept art proves it one or the other, but I love the bulky, imminently practical speeder in the first pic:

This is my favorite pic in the bunch — someone converting a fallen AT-AT into a make-shift shelter. It perfectly epitomizes the "lived-in" look of the original trilogy, while using the previous movies to establish a future that seems both plausible and makes the fanboy in me squeal like a Gamorrean Guard.

Not sure who this cyborg guy is, but he looks markedly different from the evil cyborg messing with Vader's helmet up top. He has a very bounty hunter look to him in my opinion, but that may be because his headgear in the lower-middle design reminds me of Dengar from Empire Strikes Back.

When time passes in the Star Wars universe, you know one thing for sure — someone's going to lose an arm. It appears to have been Chewbacca.

Note the helmets of the new Stormtroopers here appear to be significantly similar to the leaked physical helmets from a while back. It also looks like the caped Stormtroopers in the lower picture are chrome, which would match with the rumors that they're not regular soldiers but part of Adam Driver's character's security team, which would also explain why they get to wear fancy capes.

[Via Nuke the Fridge]