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Earth has been destroyed, the remnants of humanity are fleeing through space on a massive worldship, and one heavily-armed space marine has to mow down hordes of vicious alien scum to save them. Will he sacrifice his own humanity and gain powerful cybernetic implants to aid his quest? You'll have to wait for this fall to find out, when Sega and Gas Powered Games release Space Siege, an action RPG and spiritual sibling to their popular Dungeon Siege games. We've got all the glorious, two-fisted, alien slaughtering action in the new trailer.


The dastardly alien Kerak obliterated Earth and are hunting down all humans. Seth Walker, Allied Security Force, is the man to beat them. The game's designer promises ethical choices similar to BioShock - early access to cybernetic implants boosts your power, but the best late-game payoff comes to "pure" humans. Is that a nod to Rom the Spaceknight or Norrin Radd I detect? This looks to be a PC-only title, but a console version might be in the pipeline. Image by: Gas Powered Games.

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